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Digital Photography Unleashed: Capturing Wildly Great Pictures 

• Day at the Ranch (photograph horses, cowboys, branding) • With a variety of wildlife models: • Exploring Light/ Shutter Speed Near Yosemite, California, you will: • Learn to see and appreciate light • Master the "Exposure Triangle" • Know how to choose the best ISO, shutter speed, and f-number • Understand file formats JPEG & Raw • White balance settings • Compose with the Rule of Thirds

Digital Sports Photography Made Simple

This 70 minute DVD will teach you all the fundamentals and advanced techniques you need to know for shooting awesome sports photos using any digital SLR camera and a basic zoom lens 200mm or less.

With 14 chapters of detailed explanations, examples, tutorials, and tips, this DVD demystifies sports shooting and shows how to get great results.

FINISHINGS - A Basic Guide To Digital Print Embellishment

Transform an inkjet canvas print into a unique piece of art. Using acrylic gels and paints, add brushstrokes to your print that give your art the texture, highlights, and shadows of a traditional painting. Prepare & seal your inkjet canvas print, select & use artists' brushes, mix colors and set up your palette, use gel mediums to add texture & impasto effects, paint with acrylics to enhance highlights & shadows, & seal your final print. No traditional art experience is needed. Take your photographic or digital art prints to another level.

Digital SLR Photography, Show Me How Videos (2008)

Take control of your camera exposure | Manual control of shutter speed for better stop-action photos | How to adjust your camera for any lighting conditions | Getting the best results from your lenses | Adjusting the aperture to make your subjects stand out | Composing photos for best creative effect| Understanding depth of field | Using light metering systems to make sure your subjects are perfectly exposed

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