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Learning to See Creatively
Revised Edition
by Bryan Peterson

Almost everyone can "see" in the conventional sense, but developing photographic vision takes practice. Learning to See Creatively helps photographers visualize their work, and the world, in a whole new light.

Understanding Digital Photography
by Bryan Peterson

Cover every popular genre: nature, people, sports, travel, interiors, low-lighting, weather, portraits, macro, and wildlife. As a bonus, Peterson explains, in straightforward text, the techniques of Photoshop as well as the basics of publishing, printing, archiving and storing for personal or professional use.

Understanding Exposure
by Bryan Peterson

For serious amateur photographers who shoott perfectly focused, accurately exposed images but want to be more creative with a camera. Advanced exposure, bounced flash, infrared, candlelight, multiple images, soft-focus effects, unusual vantage points, and zooming.

Understanding Shutter Speed
by Bryan Peterson

Clear explanations of terms and techniques, compelling "before-and-after" photos that pair a mediocre image (created using the wrong shutter speed) with a great image (created using the right shutter speed). Topics include freezing/implying motion, panning, zooming, exposure, and rendering motion in Photoshop.

Beyond Portraiture:
by Bryan Peterson

Learn how to spot those "ah-ha!" moments and capture them forever. A teary child...old people laughing together...Learn what makes a photo memorable, how to spot the universal themes that everyone can identify with, and how to use lighting, setting, and exposure to reveal the wonder and the joy of everyday moments.


Understanding Close-up Photography
by Bryan Peterson

Peterson teaches you to photograph a range of subjects from animals and plants to objects found in the kitchen, supermarket, even the junkyard. Information on equipment, exposure, light, and composition, elements of technique that go beyond the norm, teaching you to shoot to the point of abstraction.

The Digital Photography Book
by Scott Kelby

This is a book of which button to push, which setting to use, when to use them, and nearly 200 of the best photographic "tricks of the trade" to get you shooting dramatically better, sharper, more colorful, more professional-looking photos with your digital camera.


The Digital Photography Book Volume 2
by Scott Kelby

Make your photography better. You’ll learn pro setting, tool, or trick to transform your work from snapshots into gallery prints. If you’re tired of taking shots that look “okay,” and tired of looking in magazines and thinking, “Why don’t my shots look like that?” then this is the book for you.

The Photoshop Elements 7 Book for Digital Photographers
by Scott Kelby & Matt Klakowski

Learn how to work with images like a pro, from importing to organization to correction to output. Learn about the digital photography workflow and the latest secrets of the pros to help create the best special effects, apply the most useful sharpening techniques,


Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D
Digital Field Guide

Your Digital Rebel XSi/450D, with its 12.2 megapixel resolution, 3-inch view screen, and the option for "Live View" shooting, is designed for simplicity without sacrificing creative freedom. This guide is ideal for helping you use that creative control and get great shots anywhere, anytime.

Nikon D60
Digital Field Guide

Your 10.2 megapixel D60 is loaded with great features like fast startup, split-second shutter response, and continuous shooting ability at up to three frames per second. You'll want to take advantage of every one of these features, and this practical, portable guide shows you how. Each button and dial is explained, but that's just the beginning.


Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D
Digital Field Guide

Small, lightweight, and packed with power and versatility, your Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D frees you for greater creative expression in your photography. This handy, portable guide helps you take full advantage of such features as Live View shooting, in-camera Canon EX SpeedLite control, and intuitive, large-text menus. But much more than a camera manual, it offers pages of innovative ideas and fresh thoughts to help you capture images that reflect your personal creative vision.

Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

The refinement of traditional posing techniques with the more organic, spontaneous techniques of photojournalism, this creative and informative resource offers poses that rely on personality and interaction. These instructions from a veteran wedding photographer provide the skills needed to recognize what makes a great pose and how to subtly direct your clients to achieve the needed balance between looking great and looking comfortable.


Master Lighting Guide for
Wedding Photographers

Master the demanding lighting needs for weddings of any variety with this comprehensive guide from an industry expert. All the basics are covered, including how to choose and use the right equipment, how to control light and shadow while outdoors, how to utilize ambient room light and natural light, and how to ensure the best color balance for each image. Technical tips from 40 top wedding photographers cover such specifics as producing window-light images and using such tools as scrims, umbrellas, and gobos. With the right lighting know-how, a photographer can capture with ease the candid looks and pure emotions of the wedding party. Email Gift Card Gift Gift Card
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